Softlex – The Ultimate Dictionary Making Software


Softlex is a blend of a custom NoSQL database optimized for storing dictionary data and a WYSIWYG text editor to enable quick and user-friendly enter of complex dictionary data. Rather than manually formatting the text, Softlex offers a rich editor in which lexicographical elements are tagged while the text is being entered and all the formatting is applied automatically based on the predefined and customizable dictionary layout.

The dictionary data can be easily searched and edited and the final text can be exported either to XML retaining the complete dictionary structure for further processing or to a file suitable for easy import in text layout software for publishing.


  • Database
    • Custom NoSQL database
      • Optimized for storing dictionary data
      • Variable headword data length
      • Quick headword search
    • Custom sorting order
    • Complex dictionary structures
      • Lexicographical elements
      • Grouping
      • Graphical definition of elements and groups
        • Formatting
        • Delimiters
        • Punctuation marks
        • Conditional insertion of delimiters
      • Word list definition
    • Search
      • Advanced search for
        • text
        • elements
        • grouping structure
      • Wildcard search
      • complex searches combining different queries
    • Metadata
      • Levels of completion
      • Comments (notes)
    • User management
      • User rights
      • Ownership
    • Transfer of dictionary sections to other users
  • Text Editor
    • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor
    • The structure of a headword is built during the entry allowing unique structure for each headword
    • Automated formatting and insertion of delimiters and punctuation marks
    • Extensive font support
      • Phonetic transcription
      • Diacritical marks
      • Custom character
    • Automated checks
      • word list verification
      • cross-reference checking
    • Context sensitive keyboard switching
    • Option for manual formatting overrides
    • Preview
  • Data Export
    • Selectable range
      • Single headword
      • Search results
    • Different formats
      • Data – XML
        • further processing
        • electronic publishing
      • Formatted text
        • RTF
        • Adobe InDesign

Future developments

To enable easier collaboration and data exchange between remote authors, we are working on a cloud-based version of Softlex. This version should streamline the dictionary making process for teams in different locations and eliminate any need for manual data synchronization or backup. The software will also be available through the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.